JuliaReach Framework for analysis of cyber-physical systems
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• LazySets.jl Library for scalable symbolic-numeric set computations
• ReachabilityAnalysis.jl Reachability analysis of dynamical and cyber-physical systems
• ClosedLoopReachability.jl Analysis of closed-loop systems with neural-network controllers
• RangeEnclosures.jl Library for range enclosures of real-valued functions
HySynth Framework for synthesis of cyber-physical systems from time-series data
• HySynthParametric Parametric linear hybrid automata
• HySynth Hybrid automata with constant or affine differential equations
VeriXAI Framework for abstraction-based monitoring of neural networks
• Into the Unknown (extended) Active monitoring of neural networks with online learning
• Into the Unknown Active monitoring of neural networks
• Outside the Box Novelty detection for neural networks
Ultimate Framework for program analysis, including an automata library
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HyST Stateflow Converter Conversion from hybrid-automaton models to Simulink/Stateflow models (now part of HyST)
AdaptiveMomentClosure Parameter synthesis for chemical reaction networks
Hydentify Robustness verification and parameter synthesis for multiaffine systems